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Safer Pool Deck Resurfacing with Rubber Solutions and Colorful Designs

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If you have an old concrete pool deck surface, you may want to consider upgrades that will prevent problems with wear and hazards. One of the best pool deck surfacing materials to use is rubber porous pavement materials. The following rubber pool deck surfacing information will help you with your resurfacing project:

1. Dealing with skimmers and pool deck drains before surfacing

The pool skimmers are one of the problems that you may have to deal with before installing rubber deck surfacing. First, if the old skimmers are worn and damaged, they are going to need to be repaired before you can install the new rubber surface. In addition, you will want to consider updating the skimmer covers with modern safety covers to reduce hazards around your pool and make the deck area safer.

2. Updating coping to prepare for rubber pool deck surface installation

The coping around the edge of your pool is the tile or stone material will also need improvements. With rubber surfacing, you do not want to have large and hard stone or tile materials that defeat the purpose of safer and softer rubber surfacing. Therefore, you may want to talk to the contractor about options for rubber coping or thinner materials that give you more area with the safer rubber pool deck surface.

3. Improving drainage or watershed of the pool deck area before surfacing

You also want to improve the drainage of your pool deck areas. This is something that needs to be done before the rubber pavement is installed. First, you may want to install drain pipes for a drainage system if there are sloped elevations around the pool. If the surface has slopes away from the pool, the watershed of the new rubber surface needs to drain out from the pool area.

4. Choosing the colors and design of new rubber pool decking surfacing

One of the biggest benefits of rubber surfacing is the many different custom design options it offers. Therefore, you want to decide on the type of patterns, colors, and designs to be done with the new pool deck surfacing. They can be natural tones that blend into landscaping, or they can be bold and colorful surfaces that give your pool area a more modern design.

The rubber pool deck surfaces to resurface your pool area will help make it safer and more attractive. If you are ready to update your pool area with safer surfaces, contact rubber pool deck installers to begin discussing options for custom pool deck designs.