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Maintaining Your Business Parking Lot

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If you own a small business and have a parking lot adorning your property, you will need to do necessary routine maintenance to keep your patrons and their vehicles safe while driving through the area. Maintaining a parking lot is not that difficult and can be done on your own between paving sessions. Here are some steps you can follow to keep your parking area smooth so customers can continue to use it without incident.

Walk Through Often

Take the time to walk through your parking lot regularly so you can inspect it for normal wear and tear. When you notice portions with crumbled or cracked asphalt, place a cone next to the area so it is off-limits to people using the parking lot. Head to the hardware store right away to purchase supplies so you can repair the broken areas.

Clean Before Fixing

To fill in holes or cracks, first you will need to clean off this portion of the parking lot -- so the entire broken spot is exposed -- and remove debris from inside. This will help the filler to adhere to the crevice properly. Use a pressure washer or garden hose to remove dirt and let the area dry in its entirety before making the repair.

Fill In Broken Areas

When the parking lot is dry, fill in the crevice you are repairing with some crushed gravel. This will give the void a bit of stability so vehicles can continue to drive over the area without risk of sinking into the lot because of a weakened structure. Tamp the gravel into place using a broom handle. Fill the crevice with gravel again until it is level with the rest of the parking lot. Use a rubberized asphalt putty to cover the gravel so it is no longer exposed. Push the nozzle of the putty into the gravel a far a you can and squeeze the putty into the crevice so it adheres to the gravel pieces, gluing them together as a result. Top the gravel with putty and smooth it into place using a putty knife. When this hardens, the parking lot can be sealed if desired.

Finish The Job

If you had several areas that needed repairing, you may want to add a layer of seal coating over the entire parking lot. This will give it a pleasing dark look that will cover all areas you had repaired so they are not visible to those walking or driving through the lot. It will also protect the lot from inclement weather. To apply, a special broom-like device with a squeegee on one end is used. The broom spreads the seal coat and the squeegee thins it out over the surface of the parking lot. Allow to dry and harden before allowing vehicles to utilize the parking area.

However, if you feel overwhelmed doing the repairs yourself, consider contacting a local paving company, such as Branche Industries.