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4 Ways To Use Pavers In Your Backyard

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When it comes to a durable and affordable building material that comes in a variety of finishes, not many things can compete with pavers. These versatile blocks are typically made of concrete, but advances in technology have resulted in pavers that have the appearance of bricks, stone, or even tile, for a fraction of the price. When it comes to landscaping a yard, there are so many options for using pavers. Consider some of the following outdoor projects:

Custom Patio

Many traditional patios are made by laying concrete, but if you are seeking something that looks a little classier and has more character, consider having a paver patio built. There is no limit to the type of patio you can have- chose the shape, style, and paver finish that best suits your design aesthetic. Pavers are typically less expensive than buying stone, brick, or tile, and when a paver patio is done right, it can make a huge impact in the look of your yard.

Fire Pit

A great backyard is an extension of your indoor living space, so what better way to enjoy your outdoor living space than gathering around your own personal fire pit with you family and friends? In many areas of the country, fire pits can be used for most of the year, whether it is during an evening barbecue in the summer months, or during the crisp fall nights. A paver fire pit can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like it to be. If you're a person who enjoys DIY projects, creating a paver fire pit should not take too long. For a fancier designs, consult a paving contractor to learn about your options.

Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are popular for vegetable gardens, as well as decorative backyard foliage. There are many ways that raised garden beds can be constructed, such as using wood or cinder blocks, but neither of those options are as durable or as attractive as using pavers. When you build a raised garden bed with pavers, you will add visual appeal to your yard, while also ensuring that your plants will have well drained soil.

Pool Decking

Standard pool decking can do the job, but it is typically not that attractive to look at. If you are tired of your old pool deck, pavers are a very affordable option when you are planning a pool deck transformation. Some brands of pavers are specifically designed to be non-slip, so they are perfect for pool decking as you don't have to worry about the deck being to slippery when it is wet.