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Advantages Of Permeable Paving

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Permeable paving is when a surface is paved using a material that is able to allow water to drain through it. This is important because it will ensure that large puddles of water do not form and damage your paved surface or cause people to slip and fall. There are three main advantages of using permeable paving.

1. Provides Natural Irrigation

One of the primary benefits of permeable paving is that it allows water to pass through its surface. This means that, instead of being stuck at the top of the paving, the water is able to drain through the surface and into the ground underneath. By irrigating the ground underneath, you allow more nutrients and moisture to be available to the plant life around the paved surface. This will result in greener areas that are not paved, as well as an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide that's being absorbed by plant life.

2. Reduces the Need for Surface Water Management

Surface water management is the process of making sure that the water that collects on your pavement does not form large puddles or run off in an unexpected manner and contaminate the local water supply. One of the most common forms of surface water management is paying to have the middle of the paved surface slightly raised above the rest of the surface so that there is a slope for the water to run down. Adding this management system will cost you extra money. If you use permeable pavement, there's no need for a surface water management system because the water will sink straight through to the ground beneath the pavement.

3. Reduces the Heat Island

The heat island is the process where a dark material, such as concrete, attracts and absorbs heat. The pavement then keeps the heat, resulting in the entire area surrounding the paved surface being much warmer than normal. This is both uncomfortable and problematic because heated pavement tends to release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is harmful and can increase the amount of UV rays that reach the surface. Using permeable pavement reduces the chances that a heat island will form because the surface is not a dark, solid color. This will make your entire paved area more comfortable to be around.

For more information, talk to a company that provides professional paving, such as A-1 Services. They will be able to tell you more about the cost of permeable pavement compared to regular asphalt and the savings that permeable pavement can provide.