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The Range Of Asphalt Types On Offer

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Are you interested in hiring paving services to lay asphalt, but are not sure what type of asphalt is worth choosing? Then make time to learn more about the range of asphalt types that are available. By doing so, you can end up with a type of asphalt that will match your exact requirements. With that thought in mind, here are the top types of asphalt types that you can choose for your road:

Porous Asphalt

On porous asphalt, the water can drain into a recharge bed through the surface of the asphalt, which allows for the quick removal of water. This means the road surface will not have a lot of standing water at any one time, and that makes it much safer to drive on. Furthermore, because water is removed through the porous surface, there is less of a need for a local drainage system, or at least not as complicated of a drainage system. This in turn can save money when considering the design of the drainage system.

Quiet Asphalt

If you want to minimize the noise that is being emitted from the road surface as cars drive by, then you need to opt for quiet asphalt. In most cases quiet asphalt has the ability to reduce the noise levels by as much as 50%, when compared to other asphalt surfaces such as perpetual or porous. It also reduces the need to build noise barriers, which can be a very expensive option. Typically, quiet asphalt is used in areas where there is an abundance of residential homes. Some planning permission laws in such areas might even insist that quiet asphalt is chosen.

Perpetual Pavement

If you are looking for a road type that will have a long lifetime and can withstand heavy traffic, then perpetual pavement is the right choice for you. The construction has a multi-layer setup that reduces the chances of crack or potholes forming. As a result, the need for maintenance will be reduced, which will save money over the long term.

The maintenance costs are reduced even further because only the top layer has to be replaced during maintenance work. It's a paving process that also reduces the burden on the environment because the asphalt is recyclable. What's more, you can choose a perpetual pavement constructed from recycled materials. This will be cheaper than using new materials, and will therefore save you some money. (For more information, you can contact R Williams Paving LLC)