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Putting In A New Parking Lot? Three Reasons To Consider Concrete

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When you drive around your area and look at the parking lots, you will likely see that many are made from asphalt. Some businesses, however, are choosing concrete. If you are putting in a new parking lot for your business, below are some reasons why concrete may be the better choice for you.

Offer Options

You do not have to put down a slab of concrete and paint some lines on it for your parking lot. With concrete, you can use techniques to make sure the parking lot you install is best for your needs. Some of these techniques include:

  • Pervious: Pervious concrete allows water that falls onto it to drain down into the concrete and into the soil below. With impervious concrete, the water falls off of it onto streets, driveways, and sidewalks, which can cause problems with flooding erosion, and pollution.
  • Whitetopping: Whitetopping is putting a thin layer of concrete over deteriorating asphalt pavement. This saves money because the asphalt does not have to be removed, and the concrete on top of it will hold it securely in place.
  • Reinforced concrete. This type of concrete works well for large trucks or container shipping areas, as it is made to stand up to heavy duty needs.

Save Money on Electric Bills

Because concrete is a lighter color, it does not absorb as much heat. Asphalt, on the other hand, is black so it absorbs more heat. If you use concrete, the parking lot stays cooler, including keeping it cool around the edges of it. Because of this, your air conditioning unit will not come on as often as it would if the pavement was hot.

Lighter colored concrete is also more visible at night, which can increase the safety of your employees, customers. It also reduces the amount of vehicle accidents, because the parking lines and other vehicles are more visible.

Provide Safety

Parking lots paved with concrete do not require as much maintenance as those paved with asphalt. Because of this, maintenance workers will not have to come to your property to repair potholes, which in turn means your parking lot will not be free from congestion.

Concrete surfaces are rigid, which means they do not become as slick when it rains or snows. This can prevent automobiles from skidding or sliding on the parking lot, and keep your customers from slipping and falling.

Talk with a concrete contractor who will be laying the concrete for your parking lot. He or she can add some color to the mix to make your parking lot look unique. To learn more, contact a company such as Loflin's Paving with your questions.